Department of Certification and Customs Declaring

Head of the Department of Certification and Customs Declaring  - Zhirnova Galina

Certification of origin

Execution and issue:

  • Certificate of general format – for Ukrainian goods supplied to the countries, with which the determination rules for the country of origin are not stipulated or for the goods above preferences;
  • СТ-1 form – for export to CIS;
  • “А” form -  for export EU, Switzerland, Turkey, The USA and Japan;
  • Certificate of origin for goods supplied to Mexico;
  • U-1 form – used on a custom territory of Ukraine;
  • Certificate of services origin – for affirming the fact of provided services by a Ukrainian enterprise or subject of foreign economy of Ukraine in its borders or behind the borders of custom territory of Ukraine.
  • Certification of status of native manufacturer – resolutions of production, providing services, works on the territory of Ukraine.

Formalizing of customs documents, broker services

  • Completing and formalizing cargo declarations on customs under different regimes of cargo customs clearance;
  • Completing of registers, accreditation cards, invoices, CMR, TIR, Carnet, other customs documents;
  • Identification of codes according to Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity (УКТЗЕД);
  • Customs formalizing consultations; reference on customs rates; assistance with making foreign economic contracts.


  • Interpreting (English, German) at negotiations and when concluding contracts;
  • Translation (English, German) of economic, legal, scientific, technical documents and other papers;
  • Expert examination of customer translations, representation with Mykolaiv CCI seal.

 tel. +38 (0512) 47-99-64, e-mail: